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The word “Energy” by Betty Martin

I've been saying for years that the word "energy" was being used to avoid referring to something concrete, and to avoid self-responsibility. In my workshops and courses, I ask the attendees to avoid it for this reason. Suddenly I found this post on Betty Martin's...

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24 October
La aceptació es la clau per viure aquests momentos com una aventura
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Luck or Misfortune? I will be Absent of Work for Massage Sessions

[caption id="attachment_7016" align="alignright" width="212"] The firefighters of the Generalitat took me to the hospital by helicopter. Thank you!![/caption] Luck or Misfortune? Luck or Misfortune? The past 21 March I was lucky to be able to go to climb to Montserrat with some friends. Unfortunately, the rope I...

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17 April
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How to Give and Receive a Taoist Erotic Massage for Couples

Giving a Taoist Erotic Massage for couples aims to explore the sexuality of our partner and increase the pleasure in our sexual relations. Contrary to what one might think, it does not require knowledge of specific massage techniques, but just the desire to give and receive massage...

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01 January
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The most effective way I’ve ever known of healing, wisdom and happiness through sexuality

Are you feeling bad or uncomfortable? Does it hurt something in the body? Or is it something you don't feel and would like to feel ?: Strength, health, joy, vitality, arousal, erection, control, orgasms, etc. Is it emotional?: Anxiety, sadness, fear, insecurity, pain or emptiness in...

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01 November
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Sexual education for teenagers, and other people

I wanted to find material about sexual education for teenagers, so I looked up at Google. As I expected, there was much about preventing pregnancy and diseases, articles about the need to impart it, but much less about the topic itself. As a sexual educator, I am...

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27 October