coachingIs the art or science of achieving goals, be they intrinsic, within us, or extrinsic, outside ourselves.

Coaching came about as a concept at the end of the last century as a result of applying a combination of various sources: Philosophy, psychology, management, leadership, sports training, NLP, systematic thinking, spiritual traditions and others, as well as works done by various authors dealing specifically with coaching. Always with the goal of obtaining the desired results.

Companies, whose raison d’etre is by definition obtaining good results, were the first to promote the development of coaching. As they could easily gauge their investment, both on the economic and human level, they verified its effectiveness. Companies are generally made up of the staff,  with private lives; which means that coaching for companies is closely related with what we call personal or life coaching

As with Tantra, it did not come about under a set of rules or in a particular place created by a particular person, but rather because of the human being’s need to get something more, better or different out of the present.

The coach as a facilitator

The basic tenet to good coaching is that the wisdom is not within the coach but within the “coachee” or client. This helps us to distinguish it from other concepts like: Assessment, training, consultancy, psychology etc. A coach’s mission is to make this wisdom flourish or to enable the client to find it himself on his path towards his long or short term goal.

A coach’s expertise is focused on opening spaces for experience and understanding by means of conversation or any other technique with which he is competent.

Ontological Coaching


Any outcome is bound to be a result of actions. We can design actions suitable to achieve the desired outcome, or we can intervene directly in the Being who takes the actions, so that the results will come as a consecuence of who we are. The Being is the principal focus of Ontological Coaching. Being is what makes us happy, independently of the outcome we obtain.

Somatic Coaching


Somatic means relating to the body.

Any mental and emotional activity is somatised in the body in some way: Pain, pleasure, illness, health, posture, breathing, cardiac rhythm, blockage, tension, muscular spasm, relaxation, digestive functions, vitality, movement, etc.

Somatic Coaching focusses its intervention on the body, regarding emotions and the mind as part of it.

Sex coaching

Ontological Coaching focuses on the Being and on language; Somatic Coaching on the body and the connection with it; Sex Coaching on sexuality, irrespective of whether to attain personal goals or the common objective we all share of being happy or learning how to be happy.

As it happens with tantra, applying coaching to sexuality is more effective. If we also add the effectiveness of coaching with the effectiveness in working with sexuality, we certanly achieve extraordinary results.