When you book a session you are contracting my commitment to be at your service and to design a session tailored to your wishes, goals and needs.
Choose the type of session that you want:

First session

The first session is made up of a conversation where we use the spoken word to get to know your wishes and goals, create an atmosphere of mutual trust and together find the process to followRead more

Individual session

The sessions serve to open up spaces to allow experiences to occur on a mental, emotional or physical level. They are the most effective way I have found of exploring the Being through… Read more

Session for couples

Sessions and processes with a partner, being shared experiences, tend to be specially beautiful and intense. If as a couple you are able to get over the obstacle of feeling ill at ease and shy in the presence.. Read more

Grup session

Each group make-up has its own characteristics. If suitably led, it encourages participants to let go, learn and have fun.. Read more

Massage session

Massage sessions are always “made to measure”. You can always describe the type of massage you want. Here you have some structured… Read more

Home session

For you comfort I can travel to wherever you are to meet your needs, whether a house, an apartment a hotel or a boat. I bring all that is needed… Read more

Phone session

Atencion telefonica

It is possible to have conversation sessions over the phone or via Skype if they are coaching, therapy or assessment. They can be… Read more