The techniques laid out here are the ones which I employ most although we can use others depending on your wishes and needs. It is very important to understand the reason for applying them and how to do so.



Conversation is the first step. Even before the session we begin a conversation which starts with you reading this page and may continue… Read more



Meditation is the conscious observation of ourselves or of part of ourselves. Its effects can be miraculous as it helps us to disidentify… Read more

Mapping or exploration

mapping o exploración

I use this method based on the “Sensate Focusing” developed by Masters and Johnson. It is about exploring the degree of sensitivity… Read more


Massage is the clearest example of pleasure as a means to health and personal transformation. I propose a massage where the receiver… Read more



We can intervene voluntarily in our breathing and change its rhythm, intensity, depth, where and how, and see how the changes affect our… Read more



We are beings designed to move. If we want to avoid physical emotional and mental blockages. This is the key to connecting, specially in sex… Read more



The voice is the means of expression we use above all when we speak, but also when we moan and shout. The latter are ways of using our voice… Read more


We can, through masturbation, practise sex very often without the interference of having to relate with another person. It is about applying… Read more


Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic muscles. They have so many benefits that it is essential to use them as a sexual tool. We can even practice… Read more

Surrender & Possession

entrega y posesión

Surrender connects us with total acceptance, peace, freedom and love. It is direct physical path towards a state of grace, fullness, happiness… Read more