Individual session


The sessions serve to open up spaces to allow experiences to occur on a mental, emotional or physical level. They are the most effective way I have found of exploring the Being through pleasure. It is very important that you respect your fears, your habits and your resistances. We will never take it any further than you want to. As a professional I consider this to be a rule which permits no exceptions; I put my reputation on the line, and my purpose is for you to reach your goal.

Whatever manifests itself in your daily routine can be treated on a mental, emotional or physical level during the session, like in a laboratory, and expanded upon: Feel great pleasure, love or arousal, discover new ways, or come to realize that you are not feeling it,  and discover or understand why not or the reason for any emotion, physical blockage, etc,

But the main thing is that you learn how to manage the session because this will lead to you managing your pleasure and your life, without depending on anyone or anything.

This expertise is learnt from the first session.

It is a matter of simply enjoying the session…and enjoying life. (Or of understanding why you are not enjoying it and putting it right.

What a Session is like

It begins with a conversation where you let me know your wishes, goals or breakthroughs and we organize the session with the techniques we agree upon.

The main part of the session usually comprises body work and – or meditation as focussing on the experience tends to be more effective than talking about it, although it will always depend on your wishes or needs.

The session ends with a conversation about what you have experienced, what you have learnt and its application in the future.

The individual session can last between 1 to 4 hours and costs from 60€ to 150€