We can, through masturbation, practise sex very often without the interference of having to relate with another person. It is about applying the tantric mindset of observing the experience during the act of self-pleasure so we can realize which habits and patterns of physical, emotional and mental behavior we use.

When we masturbate, as with any other of our actions, we do it in a certain way. We move our body, we tense up, we breathe, we caress our genitals, we use our hands or toys, we have fantasies, emotions, excitement, relaxation, etc.

We are a set of habits that we have been learning through practice since we were born, and it is with practice that, if we wish, we change the habits we want, or create new ones, whether physical, mental or emotional. There is nothing wrong with habits. They are just our way of functioning.

We can choose to change some habits either because we consider that they limit us, or simply in order to explore new forms of pleasure.


On a physical level: It is very common to be tensioned to achieve pleasure or a quick orgasm.

On an emotional level: It is common to feel guilty, sad or annoyed.

On a mental level: It is common to use fantasies or pornography to become aroused.

It is very important that we accept our habits. We tend to want to change ourselves through refusal. That does not work: What we resist persists.

But these habits could be limiting other sensations.


On a physical level: Tension severely limits the ability to be aware, to have good communication and love.

On an emotional level: Guilt, sadness or anger are emotions that display internal conflict.

On a mental level: Needing a particular fantasy or pornography can be very limiting.

If we understand that sexuality with other people will become dull over time if we always keep up the same habits, will not the same happen with self- pleasure?

We function in the same way in other areas of our lives, so if we manage to create the habit of exploring and change habits in our sexuality and specifically in masturbation, we will also manage to do so in other areas.

In this way we become managers of our personal transformation. We do not rely on a master, a partner or on anyone else to learn from our pleasure, and of course we will be able to apply what we have learnt to sex games with another person. And we already know that non-dependence is the foundation for healthy relationships…. And we have it very close to hand!

As we do not need anyone else in order to feel sexual pleasure we feel fulfilled and free. It is then that the relationships flow…

Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic Yoga consists in converting masturbation into a deep meditation of self-pleasure and self-knowledge. We dedicate a certain time to giving ourselves pleasure in a creative and conscious way. It is advisable to prepare for the session, and create a ritual to celebrate our sexuality and pay homage to ourselves. Play music, burn incense … Or do it as a spontaneous response to a body impulse or to the right moment. We can have a goal in mind for the session or just follow our impulses.

And let’s enjoy!

We can use oils and lubricants, sex toys, fantasies, pornography, etc. Explore new ways of giving ourselves pleasure, caressing ourselves, masturbating, spreading the stimulation throughout the body, moving, groaning, shouting, altering our breathing and seeing what happens. Experience an orgasm, or various orgasms, intensify them, prolong them, with or without ejaculating, or enjoy without orgasms, expand the pleasure throughout the body, connect with the love, etc. etc.

At the end it is advisable to spend 5 or 10 minutes to relax and reflect.

This activity is ideal to be done in private, but it can also be practised in a group or with the coach.

As in life, it is just about enjoying … Sometimes we don’t manage this. In that case, as we are in meditation, aware and open to learning, we can realize why we did not manage and make the necessary changes in ourselves. Habits are changed or created in only one way: through repetition of the same experience. So let’s practise Orgasmic Yoga!

Masturbation can help you to

  • Learn how to apply other techniques
  • Control ejaculation
  • Increase pleasure
  • Have, control, prolong, intensify orgasms
  • Attain freedom and fulfillment
  • Experience ecstasy and unconditional love
  • Increase or decrease desire
  • Experience female ejaculation
  • Have more vitality
  • Relax

Masturbation is the most powerful technique for attaining pleasure, health and transformation through sex, without relying on anyone.

As a coach, tantric guide and sexological Bodyworker I can, in a session, teach you how to reap the maximum benefit from it.