Conversation is the first step. Already ahead of your session we start a conversation which begins with you reading this page and may continue if you put the wheels in motion by sending an email or calling to request information or book a session.

Once in the session the conversation can be very brief if you wish to work on a specific technique other than conversation, or it can extend to take up the whole session if that is your wish, or what is required by your session’s motive. In either case, communication will be constant although the technique we employ may not be specifically conversation.

Conversation enables us to get to know one another. It is important that you feel trust and security so you can open up to the session and to a great extent this depends on setting up a suitable type of conversation and on how I speak to you, listen to you and ask you about what is most relevant to achieve your goals. Moreover, by means of our conversation I can help you to see aspects of your inner conversation and your conversation with others of which you are maybe unaware, and which can be activating unwanted emotions or results.

I have been working as a coach since 2008 and being fascinated by the Ontology of Language and by human beings’ capacity of interpretation, I have dedicated much time to the study of language and its capacity to generate reality. Everything can be interpreted as good or bad ( coinciding with duality) and our pleasure and happiness depend directly on this interpretation.

The power of  language

It is important to understand that through language we interpret what we call reality. This interpretation is conditioned by endless beliefs and prejudices which totally condition our end interpretation. But we do this so automatically that we really believe what we interpret to be reality, not accepting that it is a mere interpretation.

The end result triggers very diverse emotions some of which can become ingrained in us for such a long time that we do not even notice them. For example: I am incapable of enjoying sex, life is dangerous, it is other people’s fault, etc. This generates impotence, insecurity, fear, resentment, etc.

What is normally done is to create the opposite scenario. Coaching and NLP aim to generate empowering beliefs. In my opinion what we are doing is just looking at a different side of the same coin but we still remaining entrenched within the paradigm of prejudice or belief and the result is generally similar or in some cases even worse, bringing about pain, arrogance, economic losses, culpability or unwanted results. It is not about changing the belief but rather transcending it, accepting that it is a belief.

Once we understand how our Body-Emotion-Language system works, and grasp that language generates emotions which somatise within the body, we have the possibility of intervening in these 3 areas within our reach. We can, through practice, and change any habit or belief, within the limitations of our organic system.

It is the main focal point of ontology of language and ontological coaching.

Types of conversation

  • Conversation about personal judgments

  • Conversation to coordinate actions

  • Conversation about possible actions

  • Conversation about possible conversations

In a session, conversation can be very brief or extend till the end, depending on your wishes and needs.