Session for coaples

Couples, you are most welcome, whatever your body type, age, sexual identity and orientation or your attitude towards pleasure, health or learning.

Sessions and processes with a partner, being shared experiences, tend to be specially beautiful and intense. If as a couple, in order to expand your sexuality, resolve an issue or simply feel pleasure, you are able to get over the obstacle of feeling ill at ease and shy in the presence of a professional, it means that there is an openness in you. This openness only needs only absolute security and trust to enable you to attain what you want. Even though this may be: desiring each other again, loving each other again, or separating without suffering.

Sessions for couples have a structure very similar to sessions for individuals.

First we have a conversation about yourselves and select the paradigm or paradigms with which you feel most at ease: Tantra, Coaching, Couple Therapy, Sexuality, Ontology of Language, etc., and we apply the techniques you want, or we continue with the conversation.

Naturally, as a facilitator of body techniques and meditation, tantric guide, sexual educator and therapist, I can assist you to choose the most suitable technique and facilitate it or show you how to use it. It is you, as the managers of the session, who decide what my role is to be during the session and you who set the limits you wish to intimacy.

It is possible either to apply 4 hands body work or to have a receiver act as model.

To improve your relationship or to resolve “issues”


Tantric sex, surrender & possession, , erotic massage, anal sex, extending sources of arousal, learning techniques, female ejaculation, different types of orgasm, intimacy, love, BDSM, etc.


  • Lack of sex or very little sex
  • Aversion to touch
  • Conflicts regarding desire / uneven desire
  • Performance skills deficit
  • Body image issues
  • Communication and negotiation skills deficit
  • Conflicts of values regarding monogamy/infidelity
A session for couples normally lasts from 1 to 4 hours and costs between 60€ and 150€