Movement makes the heart beat faster, the lungs pump more air, the body tone up and as we connect more with it, emotions and thoughts flow. We are beings designed to move, if we do not want to suffer blockages, whether physical (injuries, illnesses, obesity, etc.), emotional (depression, anxiety, fear, etc.) or mental (addiction, doubt, stress, etc.).

While we do sport, dance, get about, and take part in any activity, we can move and encourage enjoyment and overall health. In sex movement increases and expands pleasure and prevents tension and stiffness. It may be the key to connection

Movement is the main tool for intervening in somatic coaching

Movement can help you to …

• Keep fit

• Let your emotions and thoughts flow

• Expand the pleasure

• Avoid tension and stiffness in sex

Release blockages:

• Physical: injuries, diseases, obesity …

• Emotional: depression, anxiety, fear …

• Mental: addiction, doubt, stress …

In the session we can use the movement in many ways, and add it to any other techniques, including meditation (dynamic meditation) and massage (dance on the massage table).