Massage is a form of manipulation of the outer and inner layers of the muscles of the body using various techniques in order to improve their performance, assist in the healing process, reduce muscle reflex activity, inhibit moto-neuron excitability, enhance relaxation and wellbeing as well as as a recreational activity.

It is probably the oldest therapeutic tool used by humans against pain. Its development and use has been parallel to that of society, leading up to its becoming the ‘structured touching’ technique which we know today.

There are different types of massage, from relaxing to emotional or sensual; through the specifically therapeutic (massage therapy) in the fields of health and sports field, aiming at improving physical activity. Wikipedia

Massage is the clearest example of pleasure as a means to health and personal transformation.

I propose a massage where receiver is active, expressing in words, moans, shouts or movement what he is feeling, giving instructions about what he wants, and through the intensity or subtlety of his feelings consciously exploring his pleasure, ecstasy or love. Or the lack of them, and in this case, through his acceptance and openness, discover blockages or new forms of pleasure, health or learning.

Breathing is most important as it intensifies the sensations, whether physical, emotional or mental.

This whole rational explanation can be summarized in one word: Connection or what is often referred to as Mindfulness: “Body and mind are fully synchronized in a moment of present reality”.

The connection is always spontaneous, but is much more likely to be achieved by applying appropriate techniques. I accompany you throughout the process, so you get the maximum benefit.

I perform all kinds of massages, from the most subtle to the most intense, orientated towards pleasure, healing and learning. These three paradigms go together. Through pleasure, we heal ourselves and we learn. In WHOLE the body

Genital and anal massage


I do not discriminate against any area of ​​the body, and especially not those areas with the most capacity for pleasure such as genital and anal areas.

It is in these areas, forbidden in most traditional massages, where we experience most pleasure, and at the same time where greater tensions caused by fears or different experiences are concentrated.

Benefits genital and anal massage

Through genital and anal massage we can expand and explore new forms of pleasure:

  • Have, control, prolong and intensify orgasms
  • Control male ejaculation
  • Experience female ejaculation
  • Eliminate stress
  • Understand past experiences
  • Feel unconditional love, ecstasy…
  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Detect patterns of behavior

In the area of physiotherapy it can help to heal various diseases: Postoperative, postpartum, vaginismus, prostate pain, ovarian pain, menstrual cramps, constipation, fissures, hemorrhoids, nodules, permanent sphincter tension, etc.

Some defined massage sessions 

Massage sessions are always “made to measure”, that is, in accord with the client’s request. If you wish to have a massage you can always describe the type of massage you want during the initial conversation. Here you will find some which are already structured so that you can get an idea of what they can be like, and if you wish, you can book a session of the massage type you prefer.

Taoist Erotic Massage

Is a sexual experience which involves breathing and genital touching, and stimulates altered states of transformation in those who receive it. Read more

Tantric massage

Is a full body erotic massage which focusses on pleasure and love and includes intimacy and sensuality between the receiver and the masseur. Read more

Holistic massage

One of the fundamental aims of holistic massage is to stimulate us physically, mentally and spiritually, as it reactivates the energy flow, bringing about balance, health and wellbeing. Read more