Jordi Oller

I trained in Sexological Bodywork at the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork IISB, Switzerland. The certification is recognized by the State of California, USA. I continued my training to become a sexual educator and sex coach at the first training course given in Spain by Joseph Kramer.

I was certified in Ontological Coaching by the Escuela Internacional de Coaching. I have also completed many other coaching training courses.

I specialized as a Tantric Guide at the Osho Meditation Resort (India) as well as under various masters.

I have trained as a Masseur in various different schools.

Throughout my life I have worked on many personal transformations in various areas, and I have been leading workshops in coaching, Tantra and meditation since 2008.

My life experience

My real initiation as a professional expert in health and personal transformation through pleasure and sexuality began when, at the age of 15, I had “an issue”. In those days it was called impotence. I experienced overwhelming embarrassment and impotence (interesting turn of phrase). I spent my adolescence with my pals, avoiding sex until, when I was 17, I started a stable relationship with a girl.

I visited a psychologist-sexologist, and so began my 3 years of therapy, week after week, bill after bill.

In the end the solution lay in a few brief instructions and practical techniques. But thanks to the long process I learnt a lot about the world of psychology.

Thanks to my “issue”, I learned to focus my intention and attention on my own personal transformation, and thus became acquainted with other traditional and alternative techniques: meditation, bio-dance, shamanism, body work, breathing…and above all, Tantra. Later on I entered into the world of coaching and the ontology of language, and I researched into how to apply coaching and language to Tantra, especially in the realm of sex. I began to offer my services as a professional.

In the search for maximum effectiveness I came to the realization that what I wanted to offer needed to be just as effective as was the solution to my adolescent “issue”: A few brief instructions and practical techniques. In essence it was sexual somatic coaching (focusing on the body) so I began to investigate.

All of a sudden I came across the work done over decades in this area by Joseph Kramer and many other professionals, a perfectly structured work called Sexological Bodywork. This training complemented, added structure to, and completed my already lengthy training, placing it at the disposition of my clients.

Since then I have been working as described in this page, enjoying seeing the results in my clients and in myself as my profession is my way of life.

How I work

Welcome to a space of comfort and security.

Sex, no matter how daring you may or may not be, is always a delicate and intimate subject. As a professional who specializes in sexuality I am perfectly aware that the most important is for you to feel secure and comfortable.

We will share this security in an initial conversation. You actually manage the session, which can be very varied, depending on the techniques applied. I will inform and accompany you in whichever way you prefer drawing from the paradigms best suited to you.

Although a session could be just conversation, I work with very diverse techniques of meditation and body work.

My wisdom serves to put yours into practice. I cannot change anything in you. Only you can do that. Although I will be at your side acting as a:

  • Coach
  • Tantric guide
  • Facilitator of bodywork and meditation techniques
  • Masseur
  • Sexological Bodyworker
  • Sexual educator

So that you can find what you are looking for, be it learning, pleasure or health You will attain all three, because they are linked. If that is what you want.

I work by consciously applying the following Principles:

  • Respect towards all beings irrespective of their sexual identity and orientation, body, beliefs, past or goals.
  • Commitment: Absolute commitment to my clients’ goals.
  • Confidentiality: My clients have a fundamental right to confidentiality, as it amounts to their freedom.
  • Responsibility: Being always responsible for the results achieved enables me to accompany my clients at all times and to continue learning. I have taught workshops and written articles on responsibility. The deep understanding of this word can entail an extraordinary breakthrough.

As a responsible professional, I count on the cooperation of other professionals to assist when required, always with the most expedient solution for the client in mind.

In life we all share one common goal: Enjoyment, happiness. Sometimes we do not attain it, but we can always learn how to enjoy more in the future. This openness to learning completes the meaning of life.

The same thing happens during the sessions: It is about enjoyment. But this is not always achieved completely. That is when we can observe the reason why we are not experiencing enjoyment, and learn to enjoy more. This openness to learning completes the meaning of the session.

I cannot solve anyone’s  issues, only my own. But I can help you to solve them.

I cannot give anyone pleasure, only to myself. Only you can do that. But I can help you to feel it.

Enjoy the journey!