Meditation is the conscious observation of ourselves or of part of ourselves, where we are simply witnesses to our bodies, emotions and mind.

As well as being the principal relaxation technique, it facilitates disidentification from our body, emotions and mind which allows us to intervene, if we so wish, in order to change habits or to focus our attention where we wish. This constitutes nothing if not authentic freedom. It is undoubtedly the most essential technique for becoming aware of ourselves and for personal transformation.

We can incorporate meditation into any other technique like: breathing, movement, voice, massage, masturbation, eye contact, etc.

We can for example meditate while we are receiving a gentle repetitive massage in an area of the body thus relaxing it and relieving blockages in the form of tension or muscle pain, allowing linked emotions to emerge or clarifying the mental interpretation which provoked them.

It will be important to determine the type and the reason for the meditation, this will come about during a conversation or a previous experience. Meditation can be a miraculous technique or a waste of time.

Meditate to become freer…

Meditation can help you to…

  • Relax
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Focus your attention where you wish: Be free
  • Be who you want to be
  • Stop suffering
  • Release physical, emotional and mental blockages
  • Be conscious of your body, emotions and mind

Which type of meditation to use? Why? What for? How? When?

The sessions are structured in such a way that you are aware of and manage your own process. It is important and how it shoud be.