Kegel exercises or contraction exercises of the pubococcygeus muscle, are exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. They are also recommended to avoid common disorders such as urinary incontinence or also to ease childbirth. In the sexual field they are exercises which must be practised to get good results when trying to achieve greater sexual pleasure. They are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who developed these exercises for his patients in the 1940s as a way to control urinary incontinence. Wikipedia

There are so many benefits to be gained from practising them that it is inevitable we have them as erotic tool.

How do Kegel exercises

We do them by clenching the exterior and voluntary anal sphincter and then releasing it. We involve the other sphincters in the area. It is very important, so as not to incur the opposite outcome to one expected, to really release after tensing. And add breathing, either inhaling when squeezing and exhaling when releasing, or vice versa. In the latter case we can use the air entering the lungs to help tighten the abdomen inside so as to slightly open the anus, and thus help us relax it. We can also change the pace and speed. It is advisable to do 50 a day or even 500 or 1000 for amazing results.

Some benefits

  • They connect with the body and especially with sexuality
  • They relax and increase control and health of the anal, urethral and vaginal sphincters,
  • They Increase sensitivity and pleasure in the genital and anal area
  • In men they improve erectile capacity and prostate health
  • In women they make orgasm easier and prevent urine leakage
  • A healthy back

We can practice them in any place, position and during any activity, without anyone noticing, whenever we want, which allows us to also use them as a mantra: To reinforce our intention and commitment. For example: -To Be open to learning and personal transformation through pleasure and sexuality – or any other one.