Superar la Inseguridad Practicando Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual tradition which originated in India over 4000 years ago. The meaning of the word in Sanskrit is “the system by which you liberate”. Since its beginnings, there have been many variations of Tantra, of which 3 stand out, Hindu, Tao and Buddhist.

It is neither a religion nor a doctrine based on a scripture or a written set of rules, a fact which has led to very varied and disparate interpretations as well as a lot of confusion throughout the ages and up to today.

Tantra is a mindset whose essence means to let go of our struggle for happiness, and from the perspective of acceptance and enjoyment of the present to learn the virtues needed to achieve it. It is the art of happiness..

A revolution of consciousness

Tantra is a type of spirituality very much in tune with the demands of society today. It can involve a change of paradigm as well as a revolution of consciousness at both individual and social levels.

It puts forward a series of principles which have an effect on our ingrained mindset, in other words, form a habit, the objective being to enjoy the present as much as possible, while in a constant state of learning, in order to reach fulfillment, happiness or nirvana.

The Principles of Tantra

    • Be in the present moment This means being conscious when thinking of past and future.
    • Be centered on the self It is only applicable to oneself. We alone enjoy and we alone learn.
    • Acceptance Starting with ourselves, the rest of the world, the past and the present, this gives us peace and permits changes to occur.
    • Openness Be open to learning how to change, both ourselves and the world.
    • Freedom Freedom means focusing on what we want, being who we want and choosing what we want. Consciousness and wisdom give us freedom.
    • Impartiality Tantra is neither struggle nor rejection. Neither defending nor attacking nor taking sides in everything or all that is going on around us. Giving up the never ending judging and prejudging. This allows us to transcend duality. When we become the owners of our judgments we can judge people from the vantage point of the Gods and view life as a blessing.
    • Practice Tantra can be practised at all moments in life by applying its principles to our mindset of always living in the now.


Tantric sex

The objective of enjoying the present moment as well as the other principles listed, meant that Tantra was one of the few spiritual traditions of the past which not only didn’t repress, but actually paid special attention to sex, and discovered its effectiveness as a path towards enlightenment and happiness.

This oriental tradition was brought to the western world decades ago by people who had been in contact with diverse sources, resulting in the creation of many concepts of what Tantra is and how it relates to sex.

Tantric sex means applying these principles to sex. This makes us aware of our goal to enjoy and of our learning how to achieve greater enjoyment during the practice of sex.

This awareness along with sexual energy, can lead us to ecstasy, love or another extraordinary experience, or not, and if this is the case, we are aware and able to observe why not, and learn from it.

In sex and in life

The wisdom we acquire through sex is always applicable to other walks of life. We gain universal wisdom. It is not information, it is an intrinsic mindset. It is who we are at all times. 

Because of its effectiveness, Osho – one of the principal exponents of today’s western Tantra – called Tantra: “the morway to enlightenment”.

Tantra practice

We can be in a tantric mindset during the session while we are practising any of the techniques. As a tantric guide I am with you sharing the same state of awareness.