Erotic Tantra Massage Intensive Course for Couples

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Erotic Tantra Massage Intensive Course

The Erotic Tantra Massage Intensive Course is an intensive, one-day learning experience designed to learn through conscious practice the most basic things to enjoy a either giving or receiving, a good massage.

You will learn massage techniques to touch the entire body, which is very important, but even more so, how to influence the attitude, which is even more important, both when giving and receiving it.

We have an infinite capacity to feel ecstatic pleasure, even if we are not aware of it. The path of pleasure in the body is the most pleasant form of self-knowledge and relationship with others. Of course we include any type of pleasure here. What can we do to expand our capacity to give and receive pleasure? A lot! And we will deal with that in a day where there will be a lot of learning, a lot of pleasure and the magic that comes from giving and receiving a massage in a perfect context to be able to learn as well as enjoy.


Small group

Explanation with learning practices


Mindful practice

Immersive practice with support

Massage tables

Objectives of the Erotic Tantra Massage Intensive Course

Learn the basic techniques to give and receive erotic/tantric massage

Enjoy giving and receiving a good erotic/tantric massage

Aimed at couples

Without any experience

With experience, who want to know this way of understanding, giving and receiving massage

Interested in learning massage techniques

Interested in expanding their erotic horizon

Of any sex, gender, identity or orientation

Jordi Oller

Since I finished my first training in Sexological Bodywork in 2013, I have been giving sessions with erotic and tantra massage, teaching sexuality and meditation courses, and practicing tantra since I am an adult. In the middle is my intense ontological coaching training and my years with Osho, doing many workshops and training.

Learning is an attitude that I continually cultivate to expand my capacity to feel pleasure, as well as to transmit this knowledge.

My dedication and commitment, practiced in each of the hundreds of massages I have given, will be in this erotic tantra massage intensive course, so that this way of giving and receiving massage reaches more people.

To know more about me: WHO I AM


Calle Escudé, 15, Terrassa

Dates and times

December 17th, and from January 7th every Sunday

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with lunch break


€200 per couple

Information and bookings:

Tel/WA: 619072290


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