What does Good Sex Education Look Like?

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Good sex education is one that opens up possibilities in our infinite capacity to feel pleasure, in its broadest meaning: Body, love, desire, eroticism, techniques, capacity to surrender and give, ecstasy… Always from a neutral position, that does not  discriminate or emphasize any option, respecting the freedom of the individual.

We have been listening to noise in our society related to sexuality, in the form of problems for a while: Sexism, homophobia, gender violence, law of only yes is yes, abuse and violations, accessible violent pornography, pederasty, etc. And the solution to all these problems, beyond opinions, laws and fights, always focuses on good sex education.

Good sex education is not one that talks exclusively about the dangers related to sex, as it has been until now: The dangers of pornography, of diseases, of pregnancy, of abuse, the dangers of daring to be different and exploring the unconventional… No. This section should be included as one more chapter, otherwise we risk being scared before we start, and therefore, won’t start or will do it with fear.

Good sex education is very necessary for all people, we all need it. Often, those who think we know the most are the ones who need it the most. We are blind to what needs to be discovered. There has never been before, and we must start now.

This is why, after a period more focused on my own training and experiences, I will return to promoting good sex education.

Good sexual education can take many forms. I will continue to offer:

Articles, books, videos, podcasts, etc. of good sex education

There are people in the world giving very good sexual education, but this education does not easily reach the majority of people. I assume this reality with the enthusiasm of sharing what I consider worthwhile. It is my pleasure to share with you this book written by one of the best sex educators in the world, whom I greatly admire: Caffyn Jesse. She gives it for frtee on her website: , It is worth visiting, there is a lot of interesting material, free and paying.

                             Sensual Man by Caffyn Jesse (Special for men and suitable for everyone)

I plan to open a sexual education video channel, and create an online erotic massage course, as well as offer workshops and in-person courses.

All the information will come to you through my usual channels of this newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Private Sessions

After having given more than a thousand sessions, I know how necessary and effective personal attention is, in an aspect that can be so diverse from the person. In many cases, just being able to share with someone who listens to us without judging us can be the best therapy, and it is not easy to find it.

The experience of receiving a total massage is something that everyone should try, at least once in their life.

Each person needs their own type of attention, conversation and practice proposal. Personal attention to something as diverse and unique as sexuality is almost essential if we really want to fully explore our infinite capabilities.

If you want to enjoy sex more and learn to harness and manage your sexual energy, a private session is the best starting point.





New: Sacred Intimacy

I have been giving sessions with body work and erotic massage for almost 10 years, always with touch in one direction. This profession requires me to give myself completely to my role, and it has given me the wonderful gift of practicing unconditional love in the most intimate part. And with practice you learn. With this learning, I have decided to open myself to the possibility of giving sessions of sacred intimacy. This means that there can be touch in both directions, and sex. By respecting my own limits, and of course paying special attention to the client’s limits, I can create the appropriate exploration context to work on the client’s issue, as a playmate and coach at the same time. And the experience itself, whenever it is appropriate and possible, is usually a very effective and pleasant solution, and if not, we can see why. From my point of view, it is a meta learning.

Gloria is in massage training and offers a reduced price

From now on I can also provide a surrogate woman, very loved and trustworthy 😍, with an admirable capacity of surrender and a great desire to give.

All in all, I am happy to be able to offer you a more comprehensive and effective service from now on.


For more information or to arrange a session by WA or phone: 619072290 or by email: Or go to CONTACT


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