Sexological Bodywork

Is a way of approaching sexuality which teaches us how to obtain maximum pleasure while at the same time using it as a source of health and personal transformation.

It utilizes various bodywork techniques, meditation and reflection, opening spaces for individuals, couples or groups to experience.

Sexological Bodywork optimizes the tantric idea of utilizing sex and pleasure as a path towards personal transformation and gets extraordinary results. It is suitable ither for those persons who wish to experience more or new forms of pleasure, find solutions for physical or emotional issues, or learn how to use sex as a source of health, wisdom, personal transformation or a spiritual path.

It was developed by Joseph Kramer in the United States in collaboration with many other persons and a whole lifetime dedicated to the study of sexuality.

It is a legally recognized profession in the State of California in the United States as well as in other countries. Work is being undergone to achieve recognition in Spain.

Sexological Bodywork turns you into your own coach, therapist and tantric master as it is you who manages your own process assisted by a sexological bodyworker with the necessary knowledge and skills to open spaces to make room for experience and supply you with the techniques which you consider to be the most suitable.

You can thus experience pleasure, exploring new types of pleasure and arousal, and reinterpret your own sexuality or find a solution to an “issue” without the need for a personal and affectionate relationship. This gives you absolute self-esteem and freedom. It is when we are no longer “needy” of pleasure that we normally find it with the people we desire, the same that happens with love.

Sexological Bodywork promotes the individual’s sexual liberty. It is a self-help method taught in group workshops or sessions for individuals or couples.

Sexological Bodywork is suitable for those who wish to experience more or new forms of pleasure, resolve a physical or emotional issue or learn how to use sex as a source of health, wisdom, personal transformation or spiritual path.
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How a session is like

The sessions start with a conversation where the client explains his wishes or goals to the sexological bodyworker, who then orients him as to how to reach them, which techniques to apply and why. This conversation usually lasts between 10 and 30 minutes.

After this the body becomes the protagonist. We can intervene through no end of body techniques as well as meditation.

The Sexological Bodyworker is a coach and a specialist in sexology, conscious touch, massage and meditation and as such will apply the chosen technique, maintain good communication, support breathing, keep track of time and accompany the client during the whole process.

Permission and trust are indispensable. The sexological bodyworker, always with absolute professionalism, is at the service of the client, without any other personal involvement other than that of coach and facilitator of the technique being applied. He ensures at all times that the client is not only in charge of, but also gets the most out of the session. This part normally lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

The session ends with a chat about the session where the client reflects on his experience and the possible interpretations which may come up. He also gives the Sexological Bodyworker feedback about how he acted and how he could improve.

The Sexological Bodyworker listens to him giving him space so allowing him to draw his own conclusions as well as enquiring what he considers to have been relevant for his desires and objectives. He receives the feedback gratefully as it will allow him to improve in the next session.

This chat looks to the future, programming the opportune practices into the client’s private life. The Sexological Bodyworker will guide him to select these practices.

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Sexological Bodywork can help you to…

Expand your Sexuality

  • Improve sexual perfomance
  • Experience more pleasure
  • Experience, control, prolong, intensify orgasms
  • Control male ejaculation
  • Explore female ejaculation
  • Enjoy anal sex
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Increase erection
  • Relax and remove stress
  • Understand past experiences
  • Live spiritual experiences
  • Feel unconditional love
  • Detect patterns of behavior
  • Give more pleasure to your partner
  • Find a partner
  • Feel more fulfilled in general
  • Understand the meaning of sex as a path to spiritual self-knowledge
Sexological Bodywork can also be very apt to resolve physical, emotional or mental health issues which are not directly related to sexuality. We are sexual beings, and treating general health from a sexual perspective is very effective.

Resolve issues of a sexual nature:

  • Pain, vaginismus, anorgasmia, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual appetite, complexes, addiction, etc.

In relationships:

  • Loneliness, emotional dependency, rejection, jealously, infidelity, breakdowns in communication, emotional trauma, etc.

Of a physiotherapeutic nature:

  • Scart Tissue treatment, postoperative and postpartum wounds, injuries, vaginismus, prostate pain, ovarian pain, menstrual cramps, hemorrhoids, fissures, constipation, etc.


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