Massage session

Massage sessions are always “made to measure”, that is, in accord with the client’s request. If you wish to have a massage you can always describe the type of massage you want during the initial conversation. Here you will find some which are already structured so that you can get an idea of what they can be like, and if you wish, you can book a session of the massage type you prefer.

 Taoist Erotic Massage


Taoist erotic massage is a sexual experience which involves breathing and genital touching, and stimulates altered states of transformation in those who receive it.

The receiver needs to be actively disposed and in constant communication with the masseur.

Alternating states of pleasure and consciousness can awaken intense emotions.

Before the massage there is a dialogue where the masseur gives instructions to the client who informs the masseur of his concerns and goals.

In addition to pleasure, it provides very valuable information on fears, blockages or hidden patterns. This allows for an intervention through coaching to enable the client to integrate the experience and what he has learned into his sexual and partnership relations and into his life in general.

Tantric Massage

Is a full body erotic massage which focusses on pleasure and love and includes intimacy and sensuality between the receiver and the masseur.

It does not have a set structure nor does it come from a long tradition within Tantra, but rather each professional performs it in his own way.

The Tantric Massage that I perform is on a massage table and I focus my attention mainly on the connection between us two (touch, language, caresses, eye contact, gestures, hugs, sounds, breathing), in a continuous dance and meditation in movement.

Holístic Massage

Holistic massage is not an erotic massage and does not include genital and anal area.

Holistic massage takes its name from the Greek term “Holos” meaning all, whole, complete.

The human being is an “indivisible all” made up of a physical body, a mind, emotions and a soul or spirit.

This massage takes this uniqueness of the human being into consideration employing different traditional techniques (Taoist, Swedish or Californian Massage), with the aim of bringing this complete Being into balance.

To get to know our inner selves, become aware of blockages, how they come about and to release them.