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Somatic Sex Education In Barcelona

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I have been giving sessions of Somatic Sex Education for 8 years in Barcelona, Terrassa, Catalunya, Spain. Almost a thousand sessions of Somatic Sex Education.

Results for clients: From very good to miraculous.

Results for me: Self-learning and experience.

This simple balance keeps me going on, more eager than ever, because my work helps people improve/enjoy more their sexuality, which in its broadest meaning is equivalent to happiness.

What is Somatic Sex Education?

Everything that we are somatizes (is expressed) in the body in some way: Constitution, shape, posture, movement, expression, sensations, disorders, etc. Somatic Sexuality, (or Somatic Sex Education) is the observation and treatment of the symptoms of the body in sexuality.

We observe and treat these symptoms through experiences. Talking is already an experience, but we can also meditate in various ways, play games and dynamics, express ourselves, apply body techniques such as massage, movement, sensory exploration, etc. And we can also combine them. Always with absolute consensus, enthusiastic consent and understanding of why we do it on the part of the client.

Somatic Sexuality develops a deeper presence and connection with the body. This state allows a better understanding of what is happening, both physically and emotionally and mentally, and promotes the release of tensions and blockages: Inhibitors of pleasure, desire and love.

How is a session of Somatic Sex Education?


The first thing is to talk. In some sessions it is the only thing we do. Speech is our most used form of expression. To speak we mainly use the mind, which makes it difficult to express other more primary channels. Even so, for many people and in many cases, it is not easy to talk about something as personal as one’s own sexuality. Being able to talk to someone trained to listen to you in your uniqueness is essential to feel heard and understood. Sometimes, the mere fact of being able to tell a person who understands you, about your sexuality without judging you, can be very therapeutic, empowering and comforting.

Set Goals

Through conversation, the next thing will be to set goals. Perhaps in your topic is not necessary to determine it, or is it already clear to you? In many cases, it is not easy to know what we want, if we do not know what options there are. In many cases, just affirming your reality will be enough to leave the session satisfied, for the simple fact of openly expressing your sexuality through words.

See options

Once you have exposed your topic, I am going to present you options to see how you can explore, enjoy, unblock, heal, train, practice, learn, interpret, become aware or feel your case.

The options are endless. We can combine techniques as varied as: Meditation, massage of all kinds, sensory exploration, games and dynamics of understanding and learning, masturbation, modulating communication, expression and breathing… I will explain why a certain experience can be very useful. You must understand and participate in determining the method. Or maybe you are clear about what you want and we can go on to live the experience.

Live the experience

Sometimes the experience is just getting on with the conversation, but if we start a different experience from talking, and focus on the body, you will enter another paradigm that is much more effective than the mind for most things, including simple pleasure. Observe the body, letting judgments and thoughts pass, practicing acceptance, with openness, without expectation, to follow the emotion, sensations, pleasure, become aware of something, whatever arises…

Talk about the experience

It will not always be necessary to talk about the experience, this will depend on you, who are actually the director of the session. In any case, I will always be at your disposal to speak, remind, interpret, analyze, ask questions, etc., so that you get the most out of what you have experienced. In most sessions it is worth talking about the experience and projecting what has been learned into the future through decision-making or practice.

I especially recommend you to treat yourself to a session if you think that…

Want to enjoy sex more

Feel pain when penetrating the vagina some time after giving birth

Want to improve your ejaculation control

Have a hard time reaching orgasm

Want to improve your erection

Have little or much desire

Simply want to expose your particular case

Feel confused about your sexual identity/orientation

Want to enjoy a good professional erotic massage

Feel a sexual/emotional block

Feel depressed

Want to channel/take advantage of your sexual energy in another way

Feel pain during vaginal or anal penetration


You will find more information about the sessions by following this link

If you want to meet Caffin Jesse, a renowned somatic sex educator, follow this link


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