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Take advantage of circumstances

After 5 months of discharge from the surgery, I’m back with sessions of Sex Coaching with Bodywork.

It has been a dark winter, with foot pain and difficulties in taking care of myself, living alone in a two-story house. Looking for assistance. Time of recollection and meditation. Perfect! It is not necessary to go to India to make a retreat, life gives you what you need.

Reconstrucción de Calcáneo

A complex operation that took many hours

4 semanas despues

4 weeks later

Post Operación

Post Surgery with Dr. Fernando Noriega

I have discovered the perfect treatment for my back. I bought this hammock and installed it before having the surgery. It helps me to free myself from carrying a cross in life, from pain in my back. This encourages me a lot. Emotion get positive when possibilities are opened to us, and without pain many are opened. Massage, for example. That is why I am so eager to work. I am increasingly passionate about my work.

Curar la espalda

If you are interested in this effective way of taking care of your back, watch the video below

How I feel as a professional

I feel my experience. I have been working for many years helping people to get what they want, being it pleasure (long-term happiness), learning or healing. I continue learning in courses, workshops and trainings I do as a student and as a trainer. And I learn in all the sessions I give.
I am in touch with the people that I consider most important in my field: Joseph Kramer, Betty Martin, Caffyn Jesse, Deej Juventin.
They all work with Sex Coaching with Bodywork. There are very good professionals, but they are scattered all over the world. The problem is that it is difficult to make the progress available to everyone. It takes a long time to arrive and join to the classic educational system: schools and universities; and often does not arrive in private spheres. As if that were not enough, sex education is questioned and manipulated for political and moral reasons.

I have been receiving clients for more than 12 years. I have been expanding my knowledge.

Sex Coaching

Shall we start?

More than 1000 private sessions. Thousands of hours serving clients.
More than 6 years ago I did the 2 Sexological bodywork trainings. Since then I specialized in sexuality. Actually, I am prepared to deal with topics that we do not consider “sexual”, and I like to address them as much as any sexual topic. In May I will start the training “Embodied counseling certificate training” with Deej Juventin. It will be a pleasure to offer you this skill, to guide you much better in your own exploration.

Extraordinary sessions: Sex Coaching with Bodywork

Sex Coaching sessions with Bodywork are so varied, so different from each other, that it is very difficult for me to explain what a session is like. Sometimes, when the client is truly engaged, there are usually extraordinary moments in the sessions:

  • Great Breakthroughs
  • Immense pleasure
  • Intense emotion
  • Super consciousness

All these techniques can be used at the same time in a massage. So the massage I give is much more than a massage, it can be a journey to yourself, to pleasure, to healing.

Masaje a Cicatriz

Practicing self-massage to the scar, to normalize the sensitivity of the area

With trust, confidence and security. It is essential. We are dealing with intimacy, sexuality and vulnerability. It is your freedom, which I  respect absolutely. It is much more than a professional code of ethics, it is my number one principle. I will be totally committed to YOUR objective and interest, and not to anything of mine, such as wanting to be right, keeping a client or wanting to look good. My only interest is that you achieve your goal.

To book a session, CONTACT the way you prefer.

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