Surrender and possession

Surrender connects us with total acceptance, openness, peace, freedom and love.

It is a direct spiritual path to a state of grace, fulfillment, happiness, unity or nirvana, whatever we want to call it,  so simple, we find it difficult to understand.

Surrender is a passive act in our attitude, which just requires us to only stop fighting. To give in…

Possession is the other side of the same coin. To possess consciously is actually to surrender. This technique allows us to transcend power struggles with others and especially with our partner. It is extraordinarily effective.

Words of Osho on surrender

On the path of will there are methods – these one hundred and twelve methods. On the path of surrender, surrender itself is the method, there are no other methods – remember this. All methods are non-surrendering, because a method means depending on yourself. You can do something; the technique is there, so you do it. On the path of surrender, you are no more, so you cannot do anything. You have done the ultimate, the last: you have surrendered. On the path of surrender, surrender is the only method.

Osho, The book of secrets.

After reading this text by Osho from his series of speeches about Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra, the main Tantra text on the 112 methods, I would like, in the same rebellious spirit he taught me, to talk about surrender. 😉

Surrender means by definition, to give up, to stop defending oneself.

It’s interesting to merge the meaning with the word used in spanish “To give oneself to somebody”. It reinforces the meaning, and helps to understand.

Physically, to stop defending our body, to surrender it …

Emotionally, to stop defending our emotions, to surrender them …

Mentally, to stop defending any idea of ​​wanting to be right, to surrender…


Sex is the perfect setting to practise surrender and possession. This technique shows perfectly how something so simple in the spiritual paradigm can become such a complex code on a mental and interpretive plane. We can practice from both paradigms.

I have personally structured how to apply this technique and verified its effectiveness with myself and my clients. I have devoted much time to this research.

Total surrender means surrendering life and freedom. We do not normally want to surrender ourselves this far, although one wonders what a mother is capable of surrendering to her children.

We can practise surrender in sex setting limits to certain activities as well as experiencing complete surrender. Like a role playing game that allows us to experience eroticism and excitement, while gaining clarity about an internal or partner conflict, while we at the same time approach an extraordinary spiritual state.


Surrender in order to:

  • Experience Love
  • Experience desire and eroticism
  • Resolve conflicts between couples
  • Expand sexuality to other areas
  • Merge sex and spirituality
  • Practise conscious sex
  • Explore B.D.S.M.

We do it according to your desires and goals, setting the dynamics and limits which best adapt to your principles and values, as the surrendered or the possessor, whether you’re an individual or a couple. To be practised in the session and in your daily life.