Tantric Massage

Is a full body erotic massage which focusses on pleasure and love and includes intimacy and sensuality between the receiver and the masseur.

It does not have a set structure nor does it come from a long tradition within Tantra, but rather each professional performs it in his own way.

The Tantric Massage that I perform is on a massage table and I focus my attention mainly on the connection between us two (touch, language, caresses, eye contact, gestures, hugs, sounds, breathing), in a continuous dance and meditation in movement.

I apply the principles of the tantric mindset, a mindset which thanks to our connection we share. In the same way I can directly sense what your state is.

In order to increase intimacy and zones of contact I perform this massage semi-naked if you wish. Nevertheless, the roles of masseur and receiver do not change at any time.

Sexuality and spirituality fuse in a most beautiful ritual which I create using incense, candles, decoration and exquisite music.

Tantric Massage lasts about 2 to 3 hours and costs from 120€ to 180€