La aceptació es la clau per viure aquests momentos com una aventura

Luck or Misfortune? I will be Absent of Work for Massage Sessions

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The firefighters of the Generalitat took me to the hospital by helicopter. Thank you!!

Luck or Misfortune?

Luck or Misfortune? The past 21 March I was lucky to be able to go to climb to Montserrat with some friends. Unfortunately, the rope I was normally using was damp because I had washed it, but luckily I had another one, although unfortunately it was shorter. Unfortunately I did not think about it when I went up to the first warm-up way, and I didn’t tell it to who assured me. Luckily I put on my helmet, many times I do not wear it because it is an easy one. Unfortunately the partner who assured me did not realize that it was short,helowered me very quickly and I fell to the ground from a height of 8-9 meters plus the speed I was already carrying. Luckily I fell as well as I can fall from so high, and luckily the inclination of the rock of the soil favored me. Unfortunately, I felt a huge pain, I thought I was dying or I had split in two. Luckily, after two minutes I realized that I would not die and that I felt and moved my legs. Luckily there were firemen climbers nearby who helped me and made the rescue easier and quicker. Thanks firemen!

Luck or Misfortune?

Depending on the interpretation we do. But it will be better if we interpret as a luck what we can not change, so we will get a better emotion to face the future. Better to feel lucky than wretch, right? And although most people still believe that there is only one reality, the truth is that there are so many interpretations of reality as people in the world. In fact … we can not be sure if it is better to be alive than dead. But be careful! In this society being a victim can be compensated with a lifetime pay, for example. Do not confuse one thing with the other.

A friend has lent me an electric wheelchair. Very practical

As a consequence: the heel bone of the foot badly broken, ischial fracture, 3 chapped vertebrae, broken ribs and several contusions. Without a helmet, I would be death. Luckily I’m alive. Unfortunately, I will not be able to walk for many months. Luck or misfortune?


I have accepted it totally from the very first moment, which has made me enjoy the improvements: Realizing that I would live, that I felt my legs, that I could walk. To urinate in the emergency room. To calm myself of the great pain after many hours. Distract me with the emergency activity. Get to Mútua de Terrassa, the local hospital. Reach a room. Receive unexpected visits. Receive hundreds of support messages. Get home. Check that it could be self-sufficient, etc.

To climb stairs, a mattress on the butt and no problem

Acceptance is not a luck. It is a skill that, like all skills, is being practiced. What can not be changed, it can be accepted. I am satisfied with the “good” that I have had from the very moment of the accident, until today and the projection to the future: It will be perfect to have time to reading, computer, communication, reflection, meditation and sessions without massage. I will have to postpone some courses a few months, but I will have time to develop new ideas. I always have the feeling of not knowing how to reach people, considering that I have so  much to offer: To have more capacity for acceptance, to enjoy more the body, sex and life.

Practicing Acceptance

Acceptance is, without a doubt, the key to happiness in any circumstance.

I realize when a person tells me of some dramatic circumstance in their life. And I’ve noticed in this accident.

I have practiced acceptance a lot in this way: Remember that every day I will be older. Each time my body will lose qualities, I will feel more pain and I will be prone to have more diseases. My skin will become drier, it will be harder for me to stand up, I will lose my memory. Every time worse! I will go through a lot of pain of all kinds and, in the end, I’m going to die. This will be if I’m fortunate, if I do not have an accident or illness soon.

Accepting that reality helps me to understand that any personal misfortune or loss is always relative, in this temporary dream that is life. I’ve checked it now more than ever, thanks to the accident.

More time to explore happiness, sexuality, health, learning …

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