The most effective way I’ve ever known of healing, wisdom and happiness through sexuality

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Are you feeling bad or uncomfortable? Does it hurt something in the body? Or is it something you don’t feel and would like to feel ?: Strength, health, joy, vitality, arousal, erection, control, orgasms, etc.

Is it emotional?: Anxiety, sadness, fear, insecurity, pain or emptiness in the soul, etc.

Or is it something you do not feel and want to feel ?: Love, joy, arousal, peace, desire, security, etc.

Is it mental?: Recurrent thoughts, fantasies, values or principles violated, doubts?

Or is it something you do not think and would like to think?: Projects, positive thoughts and memories, future plans, being in the present, etc.

If you see, the one affects the other. Thoughts trigger emotions and all that affects the body and vice versa. That would defined by the term: holistic.

What I propose it is simply common sense. It is to go straight to the point. It is to look at yourself in the eyes and soul.

First, we talk. Tell me what happens to you, what is your interest. Place me in your state. Maybe meditation can help us to start connecting these two consciences we are. And let’s put that you want to deal with on the table. Yes, literally, on the massage table. And we give it space, allowing the energy to flow in your body. Explore your body through massage. Do you allow yourself to feel pleasure? Included erotic pleasure?

Let’s see if you experience pleasure and, if not, maybe you see why. We will be breathing, to create more connection, and I can join your experience better in my role as a masseur, tantra guide and coach. Literally I’ll be touching the sensations of your body, containing emotions and thoughts. And you’ll be able to watch your level of acceptance or resistance, your opening or blocking, your relaxation or tension, your breathing, arousal, awareness, etc.

Sexual arousal generates an energy which if managed effectively, with the adequate attitude and techniques, increases body sensations and emotions, gives mental clarity, heal physical and emotional wounds, and balances the whole body.

The erotic massage is an intensive encounter with yourself, a face to face meeting with that you want to explore. The pleasure or the problem that prevents it.

And from this experience, we will be seeing the path to your goals, if you have them, and discovering new forms of pleasure, or blockages, or whatever it manifests. And you will learn how to manage it. You might want to create new habits, through practice, to add on you what you want. This time, you choose the habits you want to create, and not as it use to be, when they were created unconsciously. So you can be, more and more, who you want to be.

Jordi Oller

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