Sexual education for teenagers, and other people

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I wanted to find material about sexual education for teenagers, so I looked up at Google. As I expected, there was much about preventing pregnancy and diseases, articles about the need to impart it, but much less about the topic itself.

As a sexual educator, I am aware that in our society there is not and never has been a serious and professional sex education, because stumbles immediately with morals and double morals of every person, group, country and religion. Sexuality is manifested in everything that we are and do; with clear, sharp and expanded form: conscious and unconscious, comfort and discomfort, love and fear, shame and pride, etcetera. For these reasons, sex education is a difficult issue, especially understanding that educational precedents come from specific ideologies (Islam, Christianity, etc.) or very distant cultures (Tao, Tantra, various tribes…). We do not want to consider pornography as sexual education, but surely many people would recognize that has influenced us in the way we live it. It is now being talk about a suitable educational pornography, so that it is erotic and desirable, so effective, but it will always be a model or an example to imitate or follow, and sexuality is so personal and unlimited that we should be very cautious by giving examples.

I sought this information about training to teenagers because I think it is the group that most need it or, at least, the more profit will get if applied, considering life expectancy, but especially because it is in adolescence when we start to feel the powerful sexual energy that moves mountains, make salmons swim up rivers, and humans go crazy. Is in that age when we start sexual habits that conform our sexuality for the rest of life. And this is the question, to create, change and manage habits according to our will and principles, so we can use this powerful energy for all kind of pleasure: physical, emotional and mental, in the short term (living in the present) and long term (we call this happiness) instead of pain, blockades, fears and diseases. And cultivate an attitude of acceptance and open to learn and change.

Sex education would be also good for older people, senior citizens, who have lived more repression, or middle-aged, which in fact are the ones that come to my sessions, or people with functional diversity, who until recently they were denied even the right to live it. Or any other group, like the GLBT, not to mention other more repressed cultures. Everyone has the right to be educated to be “sexual”, that is to say “happy” if we consider sexuality as our ability to experience pleasure, or “healthy”, considering sexuality as a very effective way of addressing health, or “learn and transform”, considering sexuality as a path of wisdom and transformation.

In fact, sex education shouldn’t change much from one group to another, as it is about attitudes in the way we are, so we can share, regardless of our age, gender, sexual identity and orientation, beliefs and functional diversity. So the question is clear:

Which sex education should be taught?

It should be one that promotes:

  • Our unlimited capacity to experience and manage physical, emotional and mental pleasure.

  • The acceptance of who we are and openness to transform ourselves.

  • Learning and transformation through commitment and practice.

  • Individual freedom and not dependency on others.

  • Respect for the freedom of others ahead of our own.

How would this education be?

Adequately explain to teenagers (and other groups as well) about these points.

Create group dynamics, where participants could experience what’s being explained.

Promote self-pleasure and smart masturbation to allow us to explore and practice the pleasure and eroticism as individuals, without guilt or shame.

Establish open conversations, creating space of permission and security that would permit participants to exchange information.

Concrete practices for their intimacy to help creating habits aligned with each person’s principles.

Practical sessions of body massage and exploration by a teacher guiding students both in attitude and in the application of the technique to his companion, and both in receiving and giving roles.

We should be cautious in dealing with a teenager and younger age group, while respecting the legal and moral limits in society.

I do not intend here to make a final and concrete proposal, but only few notes, an approach that should be developed in depth by a team of specialists.

Who would be the trainers?

A problem arises when it comes to imparting sex education that has not existed before.

Obviously, the trainers should be in accordance with the items described, were actively participating in sex education programs, and aware of being pioneers in this area, and therefore open to research and learn.

Noteworthy is the work of Dr. Joseph Kramer throughout his entire life. He has created a private school for sex education, which develops in several ways:

Sexological Bodywork

A treatment concept based on sexuality, coaching and body work.

New School of Erotic Touch

Orgasmic Yoga Institute

Sex education websites

Born researcher, he has written many essays and videos, and is active in trainings that are taught in many countries worldwide, through schools-franchise. In the state of California, where he resides, the profession of Sexological Bodyworker and sex educator is legal and recognized, as in other countries.

I did my two trainings of Sexological Bodywork in Switzerland and Spain, and attest their wisdom and expertise delegating to highly trained teachers.

The tantric tradition of using sexuality as an art for pleasure, health and wisdom, is not something remote, distant and difficult, but a simple, effective, and very suitable method for today’s society, which needs more education focused on happiness (be) than getting results (have). Recovering this ancient tradition, and applying it using all the information and present means could be the essence of sex education which is needed and, beyond sexuality, education for society in general.

I humbly hope to contribute to sexual education as much as I can. It’s about the pleasure and happiness of the people.

Jordi Oller

  • Hannah | Oct 13, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Thank you for this Jordi. I agree with your vision.

    • Sex Coach Tantra | Oct 16, 2020 at 5:36 pm

      Thank You Hannah!;-)

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