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End of season in Ibiza and back to Barcelona

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The season in Ibiza is ending. With many, varied and extraordinary sessions which have given pleasure, health and learning to those who received them: women, men and couples. Thank you all for your openness and courage to experience them, and allowing me to learn.

Ibiza is a special place. The general will of the people is to have fun, enjoying nature and the wonderful places that the island offers. And of course, when it comes to fun, an important part is our ability to do so.

Experience pleasure, expand our capacity to experience it and to solve topics is what I offer in my sessions.

Educate to experience pleasure, short and long term, should be a priority, at homes and schools, in conjunction with our other main priority: to survive, to have a job and earn a living. We can not separate both paradigms, but taking them into account to focus the education we provide.

For this reason I will continue to devote my time to what I consider more necessary: sex education, understanding sexuality with their broader term: our ability to experience pleasure and happiness.

I will be in Barcelona from October 24th . If you want more information or to book a session either in Ibiza before I leave, or in Barcelona when I arrive, please contact me by replying to this email or phone: 619 072 290.

With pleasure,

Jordi Oller

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