El Tantra com a Teràpia

Tantra as a Therapy, Which Benefits can Bring to Me?

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When we talk about Tantra as a therapy we point at the healing or the solution of a problem which affects our physical, emotional or mental health. Among many, it is specially effective to treat problems as common as anxiety, depression and addictions. Even more effective is in the treatment of the sexual issues, like premature ejaculation and erectile disfunction in men and difficulty for high pleasure and rich orgasm in women.

Tantra is a mindset attitude, we can sustain in front of any topic or circumstance we focus our attention. This attitude is based on some principles which are, basically, very summarized:

  • To be in the present
  • Acceptance
  • Opennes and Freedom

Applying these principles properly is an art rather than a science, and creating the right experience for the Patient -word used for the therapist-, or the Divine Being -used by Tantra-, in order to get healing or transformation, is the task of the tantra guide or master.


The tantra guide as a therapist

The Tantra guide, humbly and with absolute respect, welcomes the client as a divine being who’s having the humbleness and coraje to come to show a vulnerability. He listens and proposes to live an experience using different techniques with the aim to get his legitimate goals, which can be very variated:

  • General: Depression, anxiety, anger, rebellion, no acceptance of illness and functional diversity, etc.
  • Sexual: Anorgasmia, vaginismus, pain, addiction, trauma, etc.
  • Relating: Absence of sex, emotional dependency, jealousy, rejection, infidelity, value differences, communication skill deficit, etc.
  • Of a physiotherapeutic nature: Post birth and post surgery pain, prostatic and ovarian pain, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc.

To get them, many different techniques may be used: Meditation, movement, voice, conversation, gazing, silence, massage, breathing, surrender, masturbation, etc.

The Tantra therapy means practice

Tantra is practice, and practice is what is needed for the transformation or healing. If we can practice directly with a guide, we’ll be practicing our healing and transformation, sharing together the experience.

We have an infinite capacity to experience pleasure every moment. It’s a question of managing our energy in a good way, letting it flow with harmony in our body trough physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, to rich as much pleasure as possible, instead of pain and disease.

Tantra as a therapy and sexual energy

It’s known that Tantra uses sexuality as a path of health and transformation. Tantra effectiveness multiplies when we use the powerful sexual energy. The everything increases: Consciousness, emotions, pleasure, embodyment, love… wholeness states, connection, ecstasy, joy…we have the capacity, and the right to explore,  despite social repression, tabus, fear and shame.

And at every moment we are sexual beings. The exercise or sex is a legitimate option that everyone should choose with absolute freedom.

Wondering where to start?

If you want to start feeling better with yourself and with your partner, and overcome a difficult situation or problem, I recommend:

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