Ontological Coaching


Any outcome is bound to be a result of actions. We can design actions suitable to achieve the desired outcome, or we can intervene directly in the Being who takes the actions, so that the results will come as a consecuence of who we are. The Being is the principal focus of Ontological Coaching. Being is what makes us happy, independently of the outcome we obtain.

Ontology means the study of the being. Ontological coaching means the training of the being.

Ontological Coaching focuses its intervention on ourselves, on the being which is us at this present moment. Through Body, Emotion and Language we can intervene in this being that is us. Intervention in one area affects the others.

The emotions which manifest themselves in the body are mainly triggered by an interpretation created by the mind. This interpretation is a linguistic one. This ciphered code in the form of language has been studied in depth in the field of the Ontology of Language which makes up a large part of Ontological Coaching.

Ontology of language


The basic postulate of the Ontology of Language has the capacity to radically change our interpretation of life and that of ourselves: Language generates being and reality.

We live generally in the belief that reality is what it is, we are what we are and language describes this. The Ontology of language gives us an understanding of this belief which is the total opposite: The language generates reality and generates us. This type of interpretation allows us to create the reality or the being we want and thus have the power of action, to become owners of ourselves and free from our own beliefs.

It is like cracking the system, discover our Matrix.

Reinterpreting to become freer

Reinterpretar coaching ontologico

When we talk, think or listen we generate interpretations through language which in themselves are conditioned by previous interpretations. They are made up of different acts of speech: affirmations, declarations: judgements, petitions, offers and promises. For example, a judgment whether good or bad is a linguistic interpretation. This judgment will be based on our past experiences or on our values or principles.

We can re-examine our interpretations and modify them in order to find the one which gets us close to our goal. The mere fact of observing this in this way provides the misidentification, which gives us freedom and power of action.

Interpretations generate emotions and moods, representing happiness itself and predispose us to action.

We can do a linguistic reconstruction of our emotions to detect its structure and then re-examine it.

All this takes place within the body, where everything is somatized, and we can intervene having the added advantage of being able to apply bodywork techniques.