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  |   coaching, Educación, Education, Sexual Education, sexuality   |   No comment Finally, good sex education for all. A group of people committed to an effective sex education is doing it from Valencia. It gives results to all people interested in enjoying, learning and solving sexual problems. They have done it through a website which openly shows the diversity of people’s sexuality, naturally, through experience. They do it by videos recorded by “teachers”, volunteers showing various sexual experiences.

The selection of videos includes all kind of practices like treating problems as premature ejaculation, anorgasmia or vaginismus, or learning sexual techniques as masturbation, oral, genital and anal sex, female ejaculation, etc. Performed by men and women of varying ages, predominantly young, at the moment heterosexuals, although due to its respect for diversity it can be assumed that soon will have homosexual participation. And it is very honorable to include people with functional diversity, such as quadriplegia or paraplegia. The collaborative nature of the site makes it likely to expand video offerings gradually, as they receive demand from users and offer by “teachers”.

The good criteria of professionals of sexuality is appreciated,  psychologists and sexologists proposing to the  “teachers”  expose the topics in their videos, in a close and easy view. The combination of professionalism and simplicity  achieves an entertaining and exciting learning, prerequisite for a good sex education for all. is not the first website that offers sex education videos based on real sexual experiences. Joseph Kramer and his team of professionals are doing it since years ago from San Francisco, through: and in English. Personally I attended two trainings on Sexological Bodywork using these platforms, supplemented by live workshops in Zurich and Barcelona. These are websites more oriented to professionals with excellent training structure and well-made videos, and American, as are also the prices for access. The opposite of, with exciting videos closest to the Spanish and in Spanish lenguaje, and prices as affordable as € 2 per day.

As a professional of sexuality do I have now a very useful tool. You can not replace a face-sex coaching session, therapy, tantra or massage, but certainly makes my job easier when I want to show the practice of sexual techniques to my clients. An advantage for everyone., Finally a good sexual education for all. My best wishes.

Jordi Oller




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