Sex coaching

Ontological Coaching focuses on the Being and on language; Somatic Coaching on the body and the connection with it; Sex Coaching on sexuality, irrespective of whether to attain personal goals or the common objective we all share of being happy or learning how to be happy.

As it happens with tantra, applying coaching to sexuality is more effective. If we also add the effectiveness of coaching with the effectiveness in working with sexuality, we certanly achieve extraordinary results.

Sex allows us to put into practice the simple formula of using pleasure to connect with the body – the key to happiness – with added powerful sexual energy. And what we experience or learn in sex we can always apply to any other area.


If we can be self-sufficient in our enjoyment of sex we will have freedom, security, power to act, health, as well as the capacity to continue to learn whilst experiencing pleasure. In sex and in life. Not just sex, but everything of ourselves can be worked on from the perspective of sexuality. We are sexual beings, born sexual, so approaching general health from the perspective of sexuality is extraordinarily successful, independently of the chosen sexual option.

A sex coach can possess skills and knowledge which add value to his work. Expertise in applying body work and meditation techniques during the session is particularly useful, irrespective of the client’s practices away from the session. He can thus facilitate the technique as well as coaching the client at the same time.

masaje_genitalIf the coach does not have the expertise to apply a technique, he is obliged to refer the client to a specialist.

We function by habit, habits acquired by repeating an experience over and over again. Some of these habits could be restricting other forms of pleasure. They can be changed by the same process; that of repeating an experience over and over again.

Pleasure, Health and Wisdom through Sex

With practise we can change anything within ourselves, for example:

  • Feel unconditional love
  • Experience, control, lengthen, intensify orgasms
  • Enjoy without having orgasms
  • Ejaculate or not both for men and women
  • Change what gives us arousal
  • Expand erotic energy throughout the whole body
  • Feel sexual desire

The mission of the Sex Coach is that of helping the client to detect his own restraining habits in order to create room for experience where he can acquire the expertise to manage his own learning process through pleasure. There is no other way. Only he himself can experience pleasure and learn.

Coaching is a modern profession which has emerged and is evolving spontaneously in response to present day demands. It follows its own path separate from the medical specialties which are regulated by the social health system.

Sex continues to cause laughter, fear, embarrassment, guilt, trauma and all kinds of reactions hidden behind morality or intimacy.

Sex Coaching has emerged and is evolving, overcoming moral and cultural obstacles by dint of its own effectiveness.

Tantric Sex and Sex Coaching are two paradigms very close to one another: Pleasure, Health and Wisdom through Sex.