How to Give and Receive a Taoist Erotic Massage for Couples

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Giving a Taoist Erotic Massage for couples aims to explore the sexuality of our partner and increase the pleasure in our sexual relations. Contrary to what one might think, it does not require knowledge of specific massage techniques, but just the desire to give and receive massage with total surrender.

Get ready to give an erotic massage

The masseur prepares the room, with the light, smell and especially suitable temperature. It is impossible to enjoy a massage in the cold. The masseur must be responsible for the comfort of the receiver.

The massage table is essential, especially for inexperienced or people with back problems. A futon is a good alternative considering that the position of the masseur becomes a challenge because you can not give a massage being in pain or unconfortable.La mesa debe estar totalmente cubierta por una sábana protectora o toalla.

Sweet almond oil is the most suitable, which must be warm in winter. It can be heated with a heater or a simple radiator. Oil should be used abundantly, it is better too much than not enough. 

It is recommended to start with a general massage the whole body, starting from the back, in order to relax.

Key elements of Taoist Erotic Massage

Breathing is very important. More breathing brings more feeling. Although at first it can be annoying, breathing abundantly  in a relaxed manner, it is imperative to increase bodily sensations, emotions and mental clarity. The masseur supports the receptor’s breathing at all times, trying to synchronize both. It’s not trying to force the receiver, but to accompany him on his own experience.

Communication is another important element. The best way to know about the experience of the receiver is asking. How this stroke feels? Would you like it more in another way? Do I give enough pressure and speed? It is not harass with questions, but to obtain information, and to thank the response received.

This communication may be annoying, but with practice it becomes the perfect tool to stay conscious while experiencing pleasure. It promotes awareness in a state of arousal in both, Taoist Erotic Massage and having sex, and this is a fundamental skill to enjoy higher states of pleasure and love.

A perfect way to know how the receiver feels  is by his voice, as groans or screams. The voice is the main form of the expression of pleasure. It is very common that this channel of expression is repressed and blocked, and causes and is a symptom of the most common sexual problems: no control of ejaculation in men and anorgasmia in women.

Rigidity is the other major cause of these sexual disorders. The receiver can move, and the masseur allows and promotes it.

Erotic massage in the genital area

Once the entire body relaxing massage is finished, which may have lasted for about half an hour, we can pay more attention to the external genital and anal area. Less  knowledge of massage in these areas you have, more you’ll have to explore and ask, and remember the phrase: “Less is more”. Sometimes it’s enough to just consciously hold your hand without moving it .

Learn how the receiver feels a certain touch is one of the objectives of the Taoist Erotic Massage.

Approaching the genital area progressively: abdomen, lower and upper thigh, hips, buttocks, pubic area, outside of the anus, perineum, groin.Try different types of strokes. Alternate intensity and subtlety, and above all be aware of the response, and ask, at the risk of being heavy. Apply the same principles when touching the genital area, whether it is male or female. Keep each type of stroke if we see that is nice for a while, and change. Ask and breathe.

If the genitals are of a woman, always ask before entering a finger inside, do it very slowly, exploring the different areas with different strokes.

If we want to explore the anus inside, we need to use a vinyl or nitrite glove, and be even more careful. It is the most sensitive area of the body, and requires a very exquisite attention.

Ask the receiver if he or she wants penetration with more fingers, and always be attentive to his instructions. At any time may feel discomfort and then, slowly, carefully, remove your finger or fingers inside. Always use plenty of lubricant for massage in the vulva and vaginal and anal penetration.

Always massage the rest of the body with the other hand if available, or use it to also work the genital area with both hands. Be creative and remember that we are learning, and we always will. It is navigating between learning and pleasure, for both the receiver and the masseur.

Massage intensity depends on many factors. Some are not easily controlled, like the degree of excitement and pleasure. Other yes, we can control and learn: breathing, voice, movement and communication. It is to accompany the receiver so he or she can enjoy and express their feelings and sensations and at the same time to be aware to the massage itself.

Finish the massage

The massage could finish by further increasing the breath for a few minutes, to finally take a deep breath and hold it, stressing all muscles of the body, forming a V open on the table, resting on the buttocks. After holding about 10 or 15 seconds, exhale, release, relax the entire body and cover it with a sheet or blanket and spend a few minutes in meditation and silence. At this moments it is common to experience altered states of consciousness very rewarding and sometimes very revealing.

Another way to end the massage could be after an orgasm, or any time the receiver wants to finish.

Expand our erotic capacities

Taoist Erotic Massage couple has no other purpose than to live the experience, giving us permission and being open to any form of pleasure and learning, while avoiding expectations with an attitude of acceptance.

It is important to understand that the receiver is the real director of massage and the masseur is attending the receiver all the time.

With practice, this may be the best way to expand our erotic capacities as individuals and as a couple, while treating sexual dysfunction due to trauma, blocks, etc.

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