7 Great Sex Goals for 2016

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Making a list of 7 great sex goals for 2016 may seem a contradiction if we consider that good sexual practice or tantric sex does not require targets, but living it with acceptance and openness, avoiding so common limiting habits like the need for penetration and getting an orgasm. But we are not talking about living an experience, instead, we are planning for the future, so that the experiences we live are more rewarding, either in terms of pleasure, health and personal transformation.

Having good sexual purposes is necessary for a good sexuality, both individually and as a couple. They open future possibilities and bring positive emotions: desire, hope, illusion, novelty, adventure, etc. and thus get rid of the negative: monotony, obligation, boredom, apathy, etc. So here are seven great sex goals:

1. Spend more time to masturbation and self pleasure

Having the ability to be self-sufficient when it comes to give pleasure to ourselves, means nothing less than not to be in the need to obtain it through other people, which just makes relationships with others flow naturally. This capability is achieved by practicing.

2. More time for sex

Nowadays, the normal thing is being very busy . If you do not take time for sex, it is impossible to enjoy  and learn from it. Spending time for sex and pleasure is equal to spend time to be happy.

3. Explore new pleasures

We often say: “I like this”  and “I do not like that”, and so do the usual and close the door to new sensations, which require an open mind to explore practicing. If we do not open ourselves to explore new sensations, we will fall into boredom. It is the key to enjoy a long-term sex with the same partner.

4. Attending the back door

The anus is a source of unlimited pleasure, so much for those who have totally forgotten it, as for the one who enjoys it more than any other. It is one of the areas of the body with more nerve endings, but mostly with different types, providing infinite combinations of pleasure. Therefore, if you attend it, on whatever level, internal or external, subtle or intense, will reward us with more pleasurable sensations, relaxation and health.

5. Learning to intensify the pleasure

We can intensify the pleasure without limits by breathing, voice and movement . And of course by many other ways. Increasing the intensity of what we already like and can be considered as working on our strengths and common sense.

6. Being sexual every moment

We are sexual beings at all times. Another question is having sex. But… What we consider as sexual practice and what not? What if we started considering that at all times we can feel connected to the body, feeling pleasure, a certain degree of excitement, and love? If we understand that we get the pleasure from this sexual connection, we will expand the ability of feeling sexual, sensual and loving, constantly. There is not limit!

7. Be love, don’t look for it

Love is as slippery as the fine sand of the beach in a hand. More we long for it, less we get it. You don’t have it, you are it. You are love by deeply accepting: ourselves, others, the person with us, the world, the past, etc. Creating the habit of acceptance and surrender, instead of looking for love in someone or anywhere outside of us, may be the most important goal of our lives.

Coaching is the art of achieving goals. Tantra is the art of happiness. Though if the goal is to be happy, both paradigms come together. Using them together to get sexual fulfillment is being done by the new therapy to treat sexual dysfunction and relationship problems. Although in reality it is not therapy, it is the most effective way to achieve sexual and existential fulfillment.



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