Love and Need

I Confuse Love and Need

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I Confuse Love and Need

I love you most when I feel lonely, sad, helpless and randy.

That’s when I call you and tell you that I want you, I love you and I feel like doing everything with you.

I call you because it is with you that I feel most comfortable. I know you, you know me and I trust you, and I know you will not refuse me.

But in reality… I know that another person could be in your place.

I can see clearly that this is not that thing they call love, but rather a need to be wanted and loved.

Since when I have you, that longing disappears and my interest in meeting someone I like better increases.

I can see this game so clearly, which is why I am telling you. Because I sincerely believe that love is closer to this sincerity than it is to that need.

And I believe in love.

Jordi Oller

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