How to desire my partner again

How To Desire My Partner Again?

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How to desire my partner again? Is it possible?

All seems to be going well: work, friends, family, your hobbies and your partner, with whom you have been living for some time and you may even have children together.

But you no longer desire your partner, or you are no longer desired. Or both. This implies a loss of hope, that spark has been lost …

Your sex drive encourages you to break off the relationship, with all that that implies. But on the other hand, it breaks your heart to imagine a separation, so many moments together… especially if there are children.

You love your partner and you do not want to betray them in any way.

Nor do you want to end the relationship.

How to desire my partner again?

What to do?

(Apart from abandoning honesty or breaking off the relationship)

People tend to want to change the world before changing themselves. Therefore, the most common thing to do is to change the partner.

You have to change something in yourself if you wish to regain the desire and love,  and this involves engaging a spirit of hope and plans for the future. It is also important that your partner is similarly predisposed.

Changing something in yourself, in your way of being.

When we speak about what you are like we also refer to the body, which we know can be changed within certain limits, but it is most important to change emotions, including desire, enthusiasm and wanting (to be with your partner).

These emotions depend on our continuous interpretations of everything that happens.

And we make these interpretations based on beliefs, principles and values. This is what will have to change because it determines what you like or not, your excitement, your enthusiasm and your desire. That is where we are going to intervene.

We can do it with a few tantra and coaching sessions. I can’t say how many. It depends mostly on your willingness to change, but also on your beliefs and principles.

Live in the intimacy of desire and love, together sharing hopes and dreams. And create the rest of your lives together, if you so desire.

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Jordi Oller

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