Rampells d'Amor

Outbursts of love

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I have outbursts of love

All of a sudden I desire good for everybody. There is goodness in everyone and I understand that all the “badness” has a reason for being.
And I weep for the people who desire the best, for those who are angry and wish others ill. Everything has an explanation.
I start to write about it, here at the computer. I want to express what I am feeling.
I find it difficult and I persevere!
And I see all my own weaknesses and flaws, aside from what we regard as “the best in me”
Could it be that the worst turns out to be the best?
My insecurity, my sadness, my helplessness, my thoughtlessness, my arrogance, once ACKNOWLEDGED, make me weep with love.
Jordi Oller

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