Anal massage benefits

Anal Massage Benefits

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Anal Massage Benefits

Anal massage benefits are as unknown as hidden, discriminated and mistreated is this part of the body that so kindly supports the weight of our whole body when we sit, externally, and so effectively discard the remains of food that we have digested, internally.

The anus is treated unfairly: mockery, humiliation and shame. Perhaps for this reason it  reveals sometimes, demanding attention, in the form of hemorrhoids, fissures, abscesses and cancer, as well as constipation and incontinence. Then we remember it moment to moment.

The anal massage is a very effective form of treatment in all the cases mentioned, being associated with tension, resistance and rejection. The treatment could not be more pleasurable: Massage in one of the areas of the body better provided with nerve endings. The anal massage transforms the pain into pleasure, and we can also affirm that the pleasure heals.

And if Anal Massage benefits are so much, why it is not practiced?

Anal massage is unknown in the treatment of diseases of the anus because a cultural fact. On the one hand the anus is discriminated against because it is the one in charge to expel the residues of the digestion, and perhaps for being behind and below?. On the other hand, many people relate the anus to a “dirty” and perverse part in sex practices and, in men, as a sign of homosexuality. For these reasons, who wants to get benefits and pleasure from anal massage, will have to be discreet, and just explain their experience to people who consider comprehensive and open. As absurd as real.

Healthy habits

Apart from the massage, the habits that we have are important to enjoy a good anal health:

A varied food rich in fiber, a proper hygiene (the bidet is a great help), and above all, a friendly and loving attitude with our anus. (Jack Morin, the most recognized anal sex expert, recommended giving yourself a brief massage in the shower). Take care with the toilet paper, or wash in the bidet after defecating, give a sensitive massage in the external anal area next to the hole before bedtime, practice Kegels with breathing and relaxation, etc. And of course, sexual habits: never include anal pain in them.

Access to our unconcious

The anus represents our unconscious: what we do not want to see: Perhaps that responds to the social discrimination that suffers. What we do not digest gets out through it. What we do not want to see of ourselves, is contained in it. Therefore, accompanied by breathing and other techniques, anal massage can also be used for the treatment of psychological disorders, other diseases and self-knowledge, with extraordinary results.

To receive an anal massage, it is essential to do it with an accredited professional with whom we feel confident, before starting and during the massage. The receiver should be the massage director, assisted by the masseur and therapist, who will take care of accompanying the recipient in their attitude, breathing, expression and communication.

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