Somatic Coaching


Somatic means relating to the body.

Any mental and emotional activity is somatised in the body in some way: Pain, pleasure, illness, health, posture, breathing, cardiac rhythm, blockage, tension, muscular spasm, relaxation, digestive functions, vitality, movement, etc.

Somatic Coaching focusses its intervention on the body, regarding emotions and the mind as part of it.

This intervention can take the form either of simple witnessing or of application of meditation and body work techniques. Body work has the advantage of allowing the combination of an infinity of techniques and obtaining rapid, concrete and measurable results. Coaching generally becomes more effective when we can touch, move or breathe in the area of the body we are treating. It is quite common for a physical sensation to give rise to an emotion, and for a memory to spontaneously pop up later, bringing to light the reason for a behavior or pathology.

If we want to change something within ourselves, be it at a physical, emotional or a mental level, mere understanding and willpower will not be enough. We have to change our habits at all levels, and this requires body action: “Getting to the body

“Getting to the body”

masaje_holisticoWe live in a rationalístic society which promotes frantic mental hyperactivity centered on processing information and acting to get results, so we forget being who we want to be and enjoying the present moment. The key to this connection and enjoyment of life, i.e., happiness, is the connection with the body.

The simplest and most efficient connection with the body is that of feeling physical pleasure or pain. This allows us to understand that the most interesting and effective path to good physical, emotional and mental health is the path of pleasure, preferable to the path of pain. This effectiveness concurs with that of Tantra. Approaching pleasure from the sexual perspective further intensifies this effectiveness. Now adding the power of coaching we have an extraordinary paradigm: Sex Coaching.