The alchemy of touch

Tantra Massage Retreat August 1st to 6th Barcelona

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Tantra Massage Retreat August 1st to 6th Barcelona: The Alchemy of Touch

Tantra Massage Retreat August 1st to 6th Barcelona: The Alchemy of Touch is a conscious journey to open yourself to life and Sexuality with Tantra Massage. A journey through the body to the soul, a deep experience of Intimacy, Sensuality and Connection.

Tantra Massage is the Dance of Conscious Touch, Energy, Presence, Breath and Meditation.

We’ll open a secure space for relaxation, surrender, enjoyment, meditation,  dance, laughs, tears and anything that can emerge from your experience. Everything is welcome here.

Our senses are the bridge to our consciousness and our world. Tantra celebrates the senses and Tantra Massage teaches the old ancient art of touch, which will allow you to extend your ability for intimacy and lovemaking, deepen the connection with yourself and others and cultivate Sexual Energy.

An Intimate space in nature to awake Sexual Energy, Heart Energy, Intuition, Giving and Receiving, The Power of integrating Shiva/Shakti (Masculine/Femenine) and the Expansion of Spiritual and Vital force.

The Place

It’s an amazing beautiful spot in nature in the heart of Catalunya, El Bages. Surrounded by aromatic pine and holm oak forests where it reigns the calm and silence.

This space is fruit of a creative and loving work of a couple Angeline y Jaume that invites you to enjoy the place with their harmonic presence.

The food is absolutely delicious cooked with lots of love by Ann. It’s based on a ovo-lacto-vegetarian flexible diet elaborated mainly with organic products and vegetables grown in their own garden. The gastronomic experience in this rural property it’s an experience of sensorial activation, the perfect complement for a Tantric Journey.


PRICE: Program and Accommodation all included: 580€

PLACE:  Amazing rural property. Palà de Torroella.  El Bages. Barcelona

ARRIVAL DATE: Monday 1st of August at 6 p.m.

CLOSING DATE: Saturday 6th of August at 6 p.m.

FACILITATORS: Maria Zat and Jordi Oller



Tel/Wap: 34 619072290


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